Frequently asked questions

  • How secure is it?

    The Laptop Strap's patent-pending FLAP component has been independently lab-tested to 114 lbs of pull-strength. You could suspend an average 12-year-old from a Laptop Strap! Inspired by Peak Design’s quality 200-lb-test camera straps, the Laptop Strap system uses a high sheer test industrial-grade adhesive Flap to grip your laptop and not let go. 2500-lb-test Hypalon™ loops and our 330-lb-test strap connectors assure that your laptop will stay right by your side.

  • How is it applied?

    It’s easy. Position it, peel it, stick it. When your Flap and Strap combo arrive, you’ll find a link to a short application video that will guide you through installation, quick and easy.

  • Is it TSA approved?

    It is. Just lay your laptop on the conveyor belt at airport security, with the Laptop Strap applied. We’ve impressed several TSA agents already.

  • Will the adhesive discolor my laptop, or leave residue?

    No. Our adhesive Flap may require some tugging and a little thumb-scrubbing to remove completely, but it will neither discolor nor leave permanent residue. Easier than some stickers! *moment of transparency* We did an experiment. We applied the Laptop Strap to a computer that was repeatedly exposed to extremes of heat, cold, and direct sunlight. When we first peeled it off after almost two years of abuse, flecks of adhesive were left behind, and discoloration was apparent; but a little scrubbing with a rag (first with dish soap and then with Comet abrasive cleanser) left it good as new.

  • How many times can it be re-applied?

    Our adhesive Flap will allow you to re-position it a few times during application, so you get the perfect fit. Once it's on, we recommend you keep it on. When it’s fully removed after long-time use, we don’t recommend re-application.

  • Do I have to use your straps?

    Nope. Our adhesive Flap is designed to be used with lots of different strap options. We can't legally extend our warranty to straps we don't explicitly endorse, but users have also successfully used guitar straps, cord-loop camera straps, and handbag straps. Use your imagination, and let us know how you’ve strapped your laptop, using Instagram hash-tag #laptopstrap.

  • Will it affect how my laptop sits open on a desk?

    No. An adhesive Flap is wafer-thin. It will retain your laptop's balance on its native feet. Rear height profile gain is only about a millimeter. You won't notice a difference. If anything, the added surface area will give your laptop a tad more stability.

  • Can a repair technician still get into my laptop with the adhesive Flap applied?

    Yes. We’ve designed our unique adhesive Flap to avoid bottom-panel screws for most models. For others, technicians are advised to peel the Flap back and replace it after repairs are complete. Always test your Laptop Strap thoroughly whenever it’s been tampered with, before reusing.

  • Does it offer protection?

    No. It’s not a bag or a case. The Laptop Strap system is designed for short totes and workplace convenience, not rugged travel or protection. It will not safeguard against dings, scratches, or exposure, just as a camera strap doesn't protect a camera, but will slip easily into a bag or pouch along with your laptop.

  • How should I wear it?


  • Can I apply the Laptop Flap over a case or sleeve?

    It depends. Although our adhesive Flap is designed to adhere directly to a laptop’s factory shell, users have also found it compatible with several hard and neoprene cases. We cannot guarantee use with all third-party products. Test before using and carry at your own risk. Let us know what works for you!

  • Will it cover my laptop's feet?

    It depends. Each year, laptop models change a bit, in terms of overall size and the placement of their rubber feet. We've optimized our Flaps to cover most of them. Some will only be partially covered, but that's okay, the Flap will contour comfortably regardless. The adhesive peels away from rubber feet without leaving residue. The height profile gain is only about a millimeter.

  • Will my laptop still be able to breathe and cool itself?

    Yes. We designed the adhesive Flap with hinge gills and a spine channel that keeps air moving freely where your laptop needs it.

  • Will it compromise my laptop’s operation?

    Would we do that to you? Flexible at the hinge and ports, and breathable where your laptop vents, your laptop’s mechanical operation will remain the same.

  • Won’t loops, straps, and connectors get in my way?

    You’ll learn to navigate the Laptop Strap system just like you’ve learned to navigate bags and cases. Our soft Hypalon™ loops and minimalist connectors are designed to not bind, drag, or catch unnecessarily. Use caution, and give yourself time to get used to your new Strap.

  • What exactly am I getting?

    You'll receive an adhesive Flap, of the color and size of your choosing, and a matching Strap.

  • What if I stick it on wrong?

    Don’t worry, the adhesive Flap is forgiving, and will allow you to reposition it to your liking before you press it firmly in place. Follow the install video carefully to avoid this. We recommend you apply it once, push air pockets to the edge as you apply, press down firmly, and then leave it alone.

  • What if the Laptop Flap covers the Serial Number on the back of my laptop?

    It will. But don’t worry. Your machine’s serial number is also accessible within your operating system. And if for some reason you still need to access the printed serial number on your machine, the Laptop Strap can be peeled away and reapplied without integrity compromise. Better yet, make a record of your machine’s serial number, and keep it in a safe place for later reference.