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The Laptop Strap

A camera strap for your MacBook because the best bag is no bag at all.

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Made For Your On-The-Go Lifestyle

Fits MacBook Sizes 10”-15”

Premium Vegan Leather

Heavy Duty Ballistic Nylon

Industrial Adhesive

Mix and Match Style

Incredibly Secure & Designed With Absolute Convenience In Mind

Commercial-Grade Grip

Your laptop is professionally secured with the strength and durability of a commercial-grade adhesive. Trust us, it’s not going anywhere.

No More “Packing Up”

You’re a busy person, and every second matters. Easily access your MacBook the second you need it instead of wasting time unloading it. You can still keep your old bag too!

Premium Materials, Premium Style

From pebbled vegan leather to durable nylon, we have chosen only the most stylish, durable, and affordable materials.

A Must-Have In A Fast-Moving World

The Laptop Strap is there when you need it – in the office or on the go. This patent-pending breakthrough will change your relationship with your laptop. Forever.

It’s time. Let your MacBook go rogue.

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The Laptop Strap is a vital tool for those
of us always on the go. As I’m traveling around the world, moving from one airport, coffeeshop, rehearsal, and recording session to the next, the Laptop Strap saves time and weight and makes my work quickly accessible. A must-have for
the traveling professional.

Award winning composer Jake Runestad