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Our story

In 2018, acclaimed poet, film producer, and lyricist Todd Boss quit his lease and sold all his stuff to house-sit his way around the world. Living as a digital nomad and finding no way to tote his laptop that fit his minimalist lifestyle, Boss invented one, using a camera strap and some fishing line. When he wore it in public, strangers stopped him to ask where they could buy one. Boss patented the system in Minneapolis, tested it in London, wrote a business plan in Vienna, modified designs in Auckland, and developed a launch strategy in Singapore. Some launch from a garage. Boss launched from a suitcase.

Committed to the environment

Free Agent Outfitters is committed to becoming completely Climate Neutral. We are holding our entire supply chain accountable to the highest environmental standards. Our packaging and shipping materials are minimal, recyclable, and biodegradable. More about Climate Neutral certification here.

Making a more worldly world

We have also committed 10% of all sales to support youth service learning abroad. That means we'll be sending students to learn real-world skills in foreign countries for academic credit. We'll soon announce a nonprofit partner in this effort. We believe a more worldly youth will build a better future. Join us on social media to see what kind of impact your purchase is making.